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Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy For Repair :

Industrial Problem Solutions – Inprosols Inc. provide

One Year Of Full Repair Service Warranty

on  servo drive repair, servo motor repair, AC DC drive repair, Power Supplies and all the products repair by inprosols Inc.  Our  repair service warranty is void if failure or defect of our repair  service has resulted from accident, abuse, canabalisation of parts, catastrophic failure conditions, severe environmental exposure, misapplication, operation exceeding the rated capacities, negligence, contamination, improper calibration, storage or handling by the customer, unauthorised maintenance or repair.

Used / Refurbished Selling Products

All of our Used / Refurbished selling products are fully tested by our highly qualified technicians before shipping and they are always guaranteed to be in working condition. If by any chance our Used / Refurbished product does not work as specified we provide our customer full refund of the product.   All of our Used / Refurbished  products sold by Inprosols Inc. is sold under  30-90 days money back warranty, and no  other warranty is expressed or implied in any way unless otherwise stated on the invoice.