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Encoder Repair

Encoder repair services are available at Inprosols. Damaged encoders are a very common problem in the machining operations of several manufacturing plants today. We offer affordable encoders repair service that usually costs a fraction of what other competitors in the market charge. Most companies throw away the damaged encoders, instead of doing that; why not offer us a chance?
Here we perform encoder repair for all brands. We also work on all types of encoders, to deliver maximum service coverage for our clients. We are companies that believe in customer service and we also offer a guarantee of our services to our customers.
Our skilled technicians and assistants use advanced test procedures and machines to locate the fault in an analogue and logic circuitry. We also ensure that the encoders are thoroughly solder de-fluxed and cleaned after they are service. We perform small functionality tests to guarantee smooth functioning of the product.
Quality is one of the strongest facts that we concentrate on. So when there is a problem in your encoder, we ensure that its original quality remains the same. As most of them are branded and belongs to good companies, we ensure that their authenticity is maintained while the service is worked on. As a service oriented company we guarantee approval and happiness as results from our clients.
If you are interested in our repairing services, feel free to call us at 905-4610-001.